Met someone on Match a couple of weeks ago. Through the months, we occasionally chatted on Match, but I wasn't interested. I gave it a go, he did a full court press, swept me off my feet for two weeks and then it ended.

First day we talked, I had a bat in my house and he wanted to take it out. No. We met the next night. He was gaga over me... compliments about my looks, my friendliness, openness, etc. Date lasted nearly 5 hours and he kissed me several times in the restaurant/bar. Fast forward, he wanted to see me everyday... he asked me to call him as my life was more busy. I was able to keep it to a date every other night. He asked me to call him in the morning during b'fast and the evening. Two days in, I got a text that said "you aren't going to call me, are you!" That bothered me but he said he was joking.

In 10 days, we had 5 dates. Flowers given to me on the 2nd date. Long stemmed roses sent to work after 1 week and asked to be exclusive. Told me he would treat me like gold. I can't lie in that I enjoyed the attention. It felt good but also it seemed I had a ready made relationship after the first call. Also said he didn't want to screw things up. How? By rushing things. Hmmm... Clearly his pattern. Came over installed a/c units and on and on and on. After 20+ year marriage some years back, he met a woman within a month of separating and moved in with her. During our first call, he told me he hated being alone. I decided I didn't want to be the one calling. So, I waited a day... i called the following night and he didn't answer. the next morning he dumped me via email...3x said "believe me, this isn't going to work". huh? by the way, we did not go all the way, however, far enough. My thought, he wanted me attached to his hip and I couldn't fulfill it, so he dumped me. Or was he just looking for sex as the night I let him stay over, he said he was frustrated. I said 10 days was too soon and he said, "it's been 5 dates." What gives?


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  • he likes clingy girls

    I'm the same way
    he's been alone to much in his life and didn't want to be alone anymore so he was desperate and tried to make you his savior

    you're not at fault he had unreal expectations of you
    he also has lots of issues so you dodged a bullet

    • PS Meant to mention that his email/text also said, "I hope we can still be friends." and "Yes, I will take your a/c unit out if you need me to" What is going on here? Is this beyond odd?

    • he just doesn't see you as an actual candidate for his love anymore

      you're just a person

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  • It sounds like what your thinking is right. He wanted you to be all over him but you weren't as he planned so he's moving on.
    I wouldn't really trust this kind of guy though.. You guys just met and he's acting all over you? and just dumped you for what? I thought he already loved you so freaking much? This guy has an issue seriously.

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