Should I go to breakfast with this guy?

Dating a guy for almost 4 months. Relationship recently became rocky, he did something not great and we're trying to move past it.
I'm a waitress and last night a group of five guys came in, only a bit older than me. They were lots of fun to serve, made me laugh ao hard i physically couldn't take their orders. One was particularly cute.
After they left, my shift finished. I was waiting outside for a lift when they all came back and gave me 55 dollars in tips. I was refusing and ended up crying they were being so sweet. They ran off laughing. One stuck behind and asked if he could give me his number. It was the cute one, i said yes.
That night we were texting. He's wants to take me out for breakfast before he goes back home (he's a tourist living 13 hours away). He'seven offered to stay another day so i can make it.
I really want to go but it's a small town and I'm terrified of someone seeing me with him and my boyfriend finding out. But also, what if this is an awesome opportunity I'm missing out on? Should i go?


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What Guys Said 2

  • I don't see the harm, but make it clear that you are dating someone speak to your boyfriend about this maybe and see what he thinks?

  • if u really care about ur boyfriend u would say no and dat would be it. if u don't and just want to fuck den by all means go ahead


What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah... like it's only going to be harmless "breakfast". So you're technically asking advice on how to cheat on your boyfriend? I really feel like insulting you, but I am not even going to bother doing that.