Does it bother you if someone has a lisp? Even a crush?

Guys and gals if you were interested in someone & you found out they have a lisp, would you still date them? Why or why not? I would! Curiosity just got me cause of what others have said.


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  • I'd have to undersatnd and accept why, but my guess is not. never had the scenario.

    • Ok thanks for your reply. There's a guy I'm getting interested in & just found out he has a slight lisp I guess. I didn't even notice when I talked to him the other day. I mean we only talked for a moment tbh but I really didn't notice it. It doesn't bother me either way though.

  • Lisp... like this?

    (if nil
    (list 1 2 "foo")
    (list 3 4 "bar"))

    • No not that bad. I didn't even notice when he came up to talk to me the other day..

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