Did he break up with me?

I got really upset and hurt by my boyfriend not being there for something I really wanted him to be there for it was really important to me. He was supposed to meet my child come to her birthday. I got upset because I feel like he doesn't make me a priority he says he wants all this stuff with me but it's talk not action so I got upset and told him I wouldn't ask him to meet her again and how can I expect him to find time to meet her when he can't even find time to see me , and then I went on to say that if he really loves me and wants all that he said he needs to show me not just tell me. And to think about it for a few days. He's ignoring me... I even apologized for how I came off instead of talking calmly n asked him to look at things from my point of view and to talk about it , I even asked if he wanted us to be over and he still says nothing not one word. Will I ever hear from him again? We live a few hours away and he works a lot and comes when he can which is rare I offer to go to him and he usually is busy and it got to me. He said he wanted to meet her and hasn't made time, he blew her party off for work when he could have had that day off I know for a fact. He told me he wants to have a baby with me and that he is moving here and we will get a place together yet he can't find time to meet my child let alone even see me. I haven't seen him in weeks. We Skype and talk and text all the time and it's driving me insane and then this.


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  • stop it with this guy he's not ready to be a family man

    he's made that quite apparent

    do it now the longer you wait the more it will hurt

  • I wouldn't guess he has broken up with you, but some people are heartless by keeping silent when killing off the relationship abruptly like that. If he hasn't said sorry to you, but more importantly to you daughter, than consider whether he is alright for you. If everything in life is put before you and your daughter than that leave you cold in the end. The skyping is a nice gesture.


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