He isn't over his 7 year relationship, I'm I an emotional sponge?

I've been seeing this guy for over a month. From the very beginning we were 2 people in the same position: just came out of relationships, a small group of friends but they are married with children. We see each other every weekend (I leave the organising to him because of the situation) go out on walks and 'do couple things'. We have always been open about our past, relationships were one of the first topics. I never talk about mine as they weren't happy but he kept talking about his 7 year one. He keeps talking about his ex, in a positive way, which I didn't mind until recently. He said how bad he felt that he kept talking about her, but yet continued like he couldn't stop himself. He did say how it is nice we do these things but obviously like each other and not had the awkward talk. He wants to spend time with me and we organised a weekend away as something different and wants to go away later in the year. I don't mind as I haven't emotionally invested and we've discussed how we are not rebounds etc and have enjoyed his company but I just don't want to be made a fool off.
What do you guys think?

I don't know if they makes a differexe but we have met each others parents. That was... Fun.


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  • Just take your time and obviously, because you are both coming from a break up.. you wanna make sure that you both aren't rebounding. So before you allow yourself to completely be invested in him, make sure you both are ready to move a step forward in your relationship. And that both parties are over your previous relationship.

    Nothing wrong with getting to know each other esp because you both have so many things in common and understand each other's situation. Worst comes to worst, you both can remain friends.

  • He isn't over his ex yet, you shouldn't move quickly into a relationship with him until he is ready and over his ex. But do stay by his side if ypu want to be in a relationship with him, just dont do it yet. If you dont wait and rush into one, you will just end up getting hurt. Thats the truth.

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