She was interested but rejected me, I really like her we had great time together. what should I do?

We went couple of dates everything was great but she was confused not sure if i want her as a girlfriend or just having fun (same as me) then she ask me and we i said i am interested in her inviting her to a date it was short date due to time and around a lot of people so i didn't feel alright to make move cuz it may make her nervous and i am too shy.. the next day i went to her party before she is going to year of service and it was in another city so i had to sleep there with other friends at her house. so we did we saw movie and she and her close friend nothing romantically started to touch each other on hands and a mix of tiredness alcohol and pressure made it worst for me ask her to talk outside but to much pressure of the situation and couldn't tell her anything.. she was a bit panicked because how i act my heart rate increase and i was stressed af.. finally i talk and tell it about how i feel and i got feeling for her and what there both doing.. she said nothing happen between us and i didn't make a move she wished for she said next time just do it with a girl..
she said we can be friends and if she will have events she will invite me and more but i doesn't felt like this and instead of sleep there i went home at the first opportunity i had because couldn't actually sleep.. now we dont talk i wished her good luck and text her i went home because couldn't sleep.. i am really dissapointed still thinking about it make me sad and i want to fix it if it can be fixed


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  • You should move on. She lost her interest. Stop contacting her and start dating other girls.

    • It is weird because in the night that this situation happened she complimented to me a lot.
      i am pretty sure she still thinks about it..

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  • I don't think that it can be fixed because even though you like her she told you that she is not interested in a relationship which you can't really change.

    If you would want to get over her I would suggest not coming to events that she invites you to because it will speed up the process.

    Hope I helped! :)

    • She said she wanted but i didn't make move.. she didn't get message that i am interested in her..
      and she ask me about it when i invited her out and i said i am interested more then friendly and she said ok and we went out.

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    • בטוח? אחרי המקרה הזה אני כמעט בטוח שזה 98% שהיא תגיד לא.. אבל מצד שני היא כן רצתה שניהיה ביחד

    • אין לך מה להפסיד, כן כן לא לא

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  • Sounds like she made up her mind. She is not interested. If you keep pursuing, she will get annoyed

    • ohh.. but she said she is interested 2days before the awkward situation.. she said she have to understand something if we are just hanging out for fun (friends) or if its date..
      i said date and she said she will love to go out. i didn't make a move day after that conversation when we went out it was in the restaurant in the middle of the day because she had to go from 4:00 to 5:00 at restaurant then we went to some training she had and we train together..
      she tried to make me jealous a couple of times before but didn't show it to her... and in the day after the stupid situation that i "freak out" i was jealous and lost it had too much pressure and alcohol we drink and tiredness..
      i think instead of talk to her about what they were doing to each other i had to kiss her or something.. she complimented all night to me.. i was stressed and she was panicked the way i act i couldnt talk to her because of that and firnally i said that it make me jealous that i love her but she rejected it..

    • Oh ok. I couldn't really understand what was going on. So it sounds like she wants something serious. Have you called or texted her?

    • i dont know what happened.. she was into me but then she and her close friend (nothing between them) fondle on hand and arm each other while watching movie and i lost it.. asked her to go outside the room i was "choking" couldnt talk because of the pressure i put myself and she didn't know what happened to me and asked what did you want to say... we went downstairs outside it took a while but i told her how i feel and about what they are doing.. she said it turn off and ask why i didn't make the move earlier like on the second date and i was what it was too early (i am shy touching girls like that ; like i shouldn't do it its her body) but even after it she said she gave me more chances wishing and waiting for me to do it.. i told her then i love her but she didn't say something like only it turn off that i didn't make a move and next time with girl she hint me to do it earlier..

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  • Is she introvert or too shy?

    • She won't make that move as i know her and maybe it because she is too shy... like most of girls.
      she talked about everything when we went out open to talk on everything
      i was too shy didn't make any physical contact that i think she wished me to do it

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    • So you are saying, you were too late to ask her out?

    • she say i didn't make the move we went on couple of dates she wanted me to make the move but i didn't was too shy