How many girls and boys meet your partner on the web? I can seek my love on the web?

I am a Chinese in Chengdu who want to seek a foreigner girlfriend. I'm not married yet and I never mind if you're married or not. If you like me and love you, all are ok. I am a monogyny and I think I should give my all love to my love only and don't hope someone else share it with my love. I could move to you if possible and welcome to China which is full opportunities. I am outgoing and kind. I like swimming, programming and shuttlecock.


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  • I have not and I'd rather not do that. Anyway, this is not a dating website.

    • wow! I find it becuse a navigation web says that it is a dating websites by question and answer. I have some date website accounts too, but I can not message anyone because I can not pay for it although I have money. That angrys me. Unluckly, I can not login FB, maybe I can find a foreigner girl. Hi, girl, if your friends are interseting in Chiese culture or seek a Chinese boy, please tell me her contact way. Thanks. 谢谢你。

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  • You're embarrassing us dude.

    Being Chinese myself, I doubt you can be the mailing bridegroom. Lol.

    And China is terrible to live for me, since I'm gonna die without freedom and fresh air..

    • dude. I feel your words are full with prejudice. China is terrible? NO. Have you been to China? If you know China only from newspaper. China in your eyes is mostly different from the truths. A coin has two sides. China is perfect in some fields, but them are changing and China has advantages. What is your freedom? What are your human rights? If you want to know China overall, you can find some question on Quora or zhihu. com. Welcome to China and feel it truly.

    • Okay I'm sorry.

      Calm down.

  • You need to get out of there. That place is ruled by communist dictators who don't respect basic human rights. They censor your Internet so you don't know the true extent of their atrocities.

    Don't even think about trying to convince a foreigner to move there, unless they are North Korean.

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