My boyfriend hardly texts me the past few days what could it mean?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over 2 months now. Things were awesome at first... we were seeing each other once a week and he would text me and such... he has always been a bad texter and takes hour's to reply and says he even does that to his own family. Before we were dating he was a bad texter also (we've known each other for 2 years prior to dating) any way now he really has gotten worse with texting if he even texts me... we talk on the phone sometimes now though... we haven't been on a date in a month... I haven't seen him in a month. He said he has been busy and working on his life by trying to find a new job and get his car fixed (he always has had car trouble I know for a fact) anyway I asked him if he still wants to date me or break up and he said he still wants to stay together (we are exclusive ) but I don't know why he won't make time to see me... he is in the army reserve and works 40 hrs a week in a store... what are your thoughts?


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  • army reserves are absolutely nothing

    just 3 days a month you're bored out your ass

    sounds like you guys are out of the honeymoon phase is all

    honeymoon phase is WHEN you both do everything to make the other fall for you more and hide the less appealing factors of your personality

    leaving it is when you start to trust in their love and become comfortable enough that you don't do everything to impress them like before

    but again
    army reserve means nothing
    he could even text you while he's there most battalions allow you to have and use your phone on down time

    • So I shouldn't be worried about not seeing him in a month and his rare texting? We live about an 30 to 45 min away from each other

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    • still don't do much

    • Good luck when you ship out and thankyou for your service!

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  • Then he is busy but surely an hour isn't too much to ask


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