First date HELP!!!

OK so I'm 20 and never had a real girlfriend/date before as I've never found anyone I liked enough. (I wanted to wait till I'm more mature) The girl I'm going on a date with is also 20, we have been texting A LOT everyday for hrs for over a month and we see each other at the gym occasionally. When I was on holiday I got a bit drunk and was texting her, she was feeling down and I told her I liked her (more then a friend) she was surprised and well since its been a little awkward at the gym but yeh its getting better.

Anyway so tomorrow night we going out with her friend (a guy) and his new girlfriend. We are going to movies, dinner then apparently on a Ferris wheel...

I really like her and I think she likes me to, its just I'm the quite shy type and she is the bubbly happy out going type of girl and seeing as I have no experience in dating I don't know what to expect.. She told me that we are not going in the same cart as her friend on Ferris wheel..

Is it OK to kiss on a first date? And if so how should it be done? =/

Any advice on how to go about this date would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.


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  • Just as long as you respect her and her feelings. See how the date takes. You can kiss her on the cheek or the hand at the end, I always like it when guys did that. Open doors for her, offer her your coat if it gets cold, pay for the date. But most importantly, be yourself. If you put on an act, and she doesn't see the real you it might not work out.


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  • Don't think about it to much at all. Don't worry everything will work out. Just have fun and make her smile. Be yourself. And ones again don't over analyze the hole thing JUSTHAVE FUN.

    o and if the mood is right when your up there yes kiss her. she will be nerves to so don't be just have fun.

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