I have feelings for a close friend of mine, what can I do?

He is 8 years older than me. My question is, what can I do? I'm kind of nervous to admit my feelings for him as I fear I will only make things awkward for us.

Also, since he is a bit older, is there anything I should know, is there any difference dating someone who's a bit older than me?


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  • Without knowing what the person is like it is difficult to determine what differences there would be between you and him, outside the age differences. If he’s old-fashion, you might need to be prepared for him to have refiner tastes. He might not like a lot of new items and he might be a bit of a home-body.

    Of course, if he’s more mainstream and he likes to be adventurous and explore then you’ll have to adjust you’re thinking along those lines and depending on how you are personally that could be easy or hard for you.

    In my opinion, the age differences shouldn't really be an issue regardless of whether he's more old-fashion or more mainstream. You like him? Then if that's the case, and you're sure he likes you to then don't worry about the age gap and the differences between the two of you, because those same differences, could potentially bring you closer together.

    Just get to know each other. Find out what he likes and desires and what he's interested in; you have been close friends so you probably know all this stuff by now anyway. Using that knowledge, just enjoy being together and taking your relationship to the next level. Don't stress overly much about the age. Just be happy.


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  • You should tell him before he decides to date someone else.
    Also, yes odds are that it will be a little different dating someone older than you.