What's your MBTI? and which types have you dated and what do you think about that type?

I am sure a lot of people have heard of Myers Briggs Personality Test, it is scientifically more accurate prediction of a relationship outcome than horoscope/zodiac. You have to do a personality test to get your 4 letters that describes who you are and there are 16 different types of people on this planet.

Starting with me, I am an INTP

I have dated INFP, I think they are romantically charming, but are extremely impractical, too emotional and finds logical people intimidating. Not my cup of tea for a long term partner, but can be a great friend.

I had feelings for an INTJ female colleague, the feeling was mutual. She was an extremely intelligent and structured person, and very compatible with INTP, however we are both romantically hopeless. She was very shy. Due to misunderstanding and being in an office environment it got awkward and touchy, it was best not to bring anything up in case things really do south in the office. I really liked her. Can be great friend and long term partner with an INTJ.

What is your type and which type (s) have you dated?


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  • I'm an ESTP and have zero idea what type my exes have been XD I usually go more for astrology.

  • I am an INFP

  • I'm an INFP and my boyfriend is an ISFP. I think the difference between us in that he's more down to earth and present focused whereas I'm more future orientated and also nostalgic is clear. And the whole thing of him dealing with details better whereas I prefer to think about general theories and concepts too. But I think we complement each other in that way. We have a lot in common as we both have introverted feeling as our primary function, and that shows also as we're very in tune with one another and relate to each other emotionally very strongly. We get on very well as we're both always so sweet to one another, if we even have mild arguments when a debate goes a bit overboard or that kind of thing we're both very loving in making up and willing to compromise with each other. I read somewhere that the main issue in our relationship based on our types could be that neither of us are very good at the practical kinds of organisational things that go in to keeping a household together, and that is true. But I think we'll hopefully help each other with that and the stress it causes us. And we'll maybe want to do it more when it's for one another rather than just ourselves.


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