Does like attract like?

Do hot girls look for hot guys?
Do smart guys look for smart girls?
Do athletic chicks dig meat heads?

Get my drift?


Most Helpful Girl

  • What about girls who are both hot 'n' smart that want someone just like them?


What Girls Said 3

  • I don't think so I look for any guy that's cool

  • Pretty much, but with subtle differences

  • Yes, I think so.
    Even though someone may be attracted to someone who is opposite to them, they would have a slim chance of surviving in a long term relationship.


What Guys Said 2

  • To me there's a difference between "attraction" qualities and "keeper" qualities.

    For "keeper" qualities maybe so, like a smart guy might get tired of a dumb hot girl at some point. But I don't consider that in the realm of "attraction". That dumb hot girl can still attract even the smartest nerd out there.

    As far as I can tell that's true for girls too. There aren't smart girls lining up for the antisocial underweight/overweight uber-nerd with the highest SAT score in a school. They're more likely to fixate on the prom king even if he's dumb as a brick.

    It does get a bit blurry since a female gym might get attracted to male bodybuilders more easily, for example, since they might start to admire the idea of hard work translating to physical gains, and they'll also be surrounded by more of those types daily to develop an attraction.

    • It does get a bit blurry since a female gym [rat] might get attracted to male bodybuilders more easily [...]

    • As an example, if you put Ryan Gosling alongside some frumpy-looking guy with a PhD in astrophysics and both were to try to attract a female genius, I'm still betting on Ryan Gosling here.

  • In this world No. Hot attracts hot is only thing that matters. You can be a really smart dude but your not good looking and that smart girl will not go for you. In fact a smart girl will more than likely go for a college jock who is good looking and blow him than be with a smart guy during college years.