Would you share your unhappiness with a girl you're dating?

you and this girl are casually dating. Would you tell her your stresses on life? or when you do tell her about it, does that mean you see her as a FRIEND only?


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  • No not usually I would have to feel very comfortable telling her things like that. I wouldn't think it means they see you as a friend. I would think they are starting to take you more serious than casual dating or they just likes to bitch to whoever will listen


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  • It's hard to say. It really depends on the person. It some instances a person might tell only a friend about their issues, while in others it may actually mean he's feeling closer to you by revealing some of his weaknesses.

  • Depends, on the circumstances, could be testing you or confiding in you trying to establish rapport, communication can mean anything, friend or possible relationship, depend if their is sexual tension flirting etc


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