Guys, How will a shy guy react if you tell your friend that he likes you and?

Your friend asks him about whether he likes you or not? And if he is unsure of his feelings towards you?

My friend asked this shy guy (who I know likes me) about whether he likes me (through text) he didn't reply to the message.. the next time we saw each other after this incident, he was deliberately ignoring me and when I tried talking to him, he was being sarcastic and looked irritated with me although he was blushing quite heavily the whole time.

I don't know what to make of his behaviour.. is he hurt and angry? Is he upset with me?


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  • Well if he's shy he probably doesn't want you to find out because he's worried you won't like him back. Therefore when your friend asked, he knew you set her up to it and therefore he's realized you've got a suspicions that he does so he feels like he's been found out and is therefore embarrassed and doesn't know how to act. Although personally I'd be turned off if a girl has to go through her friends to find out things about me, I know girls do it all the time but I find it attractive when she can handle things herself.

    • This is exactly what I feared :(

      There's a long story behind all of this... this friend of mine (a mutual friend of both of us) who asked him about whether he likes was just trying to get us together and she's not just a random friend whom I told about him.. she's very close to me and has known for a long time what's been going on between the two of us.. both of us are very shy so we'd never talked to each other before this.. she just wanted us to talk to each other.. there were no ill intentions behind anything.. it's just a misunderstanding I guess.. but he looked like he didn't want to talk to me when I tried to that day.. Does he hate me or something now? :(

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    • I don't understand.. he doesn't know how to act?

      He knows I like him but I think he's unsure now about whether or not I like him as much as he likes me.. so he doesn't know for sure I guess..

      But will a guy this shy ever make a move? I mean he can't even muster up the courage to talk to me -_- he goes really quiet whenever he's around me (otherwise he's an outgoing guy and is very comfortable talking to other girls) and just keeps staring at me from afar.. I always feel like he wants to say something to me but just can't..

    • I just meant that if he knew you are your friend were talking about him it might make him feel uncomfortable especially if he's shy.

      It really depends on the guy and how long you'll know each other for, some guys might just take a while and make a move eventually other's might never make a move. For me it depends how much I like the girl, but then again I'm not shy, but I know a lot of guys that are and some can really like a girl and never do anything, it might take some encouragement or a little help from you to make him feel more comfortable around you.