Girls what do you look for in a guy and how can a guy approach you to ask you out or get your number?

I'am a shy guy but i ask this cause im simply wondering what girls want in a guy and just seeing what each girl has to say.


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  • Intelligence, similar interests, morals, affectionate, faithful and honest. Those are the key things I look for.

    As for how a guy can approach me, wait till I'm alone and just talk to me (I know easier said than done) OR contact me through social media. I'm shy too so I get why social media can help. Alternatively, make lots of eye contact with me, smile and stand close to me and I might just make the first move.

  • Do you want girl to date or to have one night stand with? If date then you must be nice and caring and relatively successful (I don't care if you're rich but you should have some career). To one night stand with I want guy to be sexy that's it.

    • oh to date, i dont beleive in the one night stand type stuff and i find it dumb. I want a girl to date not to bang one time, there is no point in that in my mind

  • i want a cute, caring, faithful, and sweet


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