Date someone who is hotter than you or less hot than you?

Is it a self esteem issue? Showing off to friends?

In all honesty, do guys feel more comfortable dating/being with a girl that is hotter than them or a girl who is "less hotter" than them?


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  • Balance with want and what it costs, what you have to put up with and if you are happy... its not what is hotter etc its what I want to be with not necessarily physical appearance totally, perosnality it more important long term.

  • This is not personal but I think anyone that thinks this way is going to have a lot of meaningless relationships. I would be lying if I said physical attraction does not matter between two people. That being said looks change over time so if you do not have other attractions towards a person then as looks change so will your attraction towards them. Yes it would obviously be nice if everyone was a supermodel men and women but you can only stare at each other for so long before you would get bored. I care more about how I feel when I am with a person that what others think about us as a couple. To be honest I do not really care what anyone thinks about me and my girlfriend because I go home with my girlfriend not other people. Neither one of us are hiding in a clock tower until dark to come out if you know what I mean but we do have a lot more in common than physical attraction. I would say try to find a balance between physical attraction and other things that make you want to be with someone. Keeping up with the Joneses is the last thing you want in a relationship for may and obvious reasons.


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