Me and this guy had sex on the first date and now he's avoiding me? Help?

Ok, so this guy we will call him Z, he is a customer at work, so after him coming in a couple of times, he asked for my number, i gave it to him and we ended up going out the following night. The date itself was amazing, my cheeks were hurting because we had so much fun. Anyway! It got to the point in the night where I wanted him to stay because I was having fun but I didn't want to have sex etc. Anyway, we ended up cuddling at my place then next thing we are having sex.

So next day, he goes home etc life goes on.

We had some messages back and forth, then Yesterday we were talking and he said he wants to come round to have sex etc, so i was like so you only want sex? then he apologised to me. then he said he wasn't coming round because he was tired, so i left it alone. Later that night i phoned him, just the once, - no call back :(..

Today, again I just phoned him once, no call back again :(.

I can clearly see he's not interested in me, and was only after sex, i just feel like shit and stuff. PLus i think he will come back to my workplace because its near his house. So what do i do if i see him?
Did he even like me? I dont get it.

I've deleted his number and have no intention of calling or texting me unless he does.. but some much needed advice please.


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  • You made it sound like its the first date sex that ruined everything, it seems like it was the second because then you Rejected it... and it turns out that he rejected you.
    This is a clean cut case... he tried to have sex with you again because he liked you (or sex with you) and you shoved him away and now you mad because he is not contacting YOU? Nigga...

    • but he just wanted sex... not to chill with me the second time?

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    • I didn't know that. I thought he wanted more

    • well, he made it kind of clear what the intentions were, why would you think he wanted more? You mean YOU wanted more and assumed he was in line...

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  • I am so sorry! But this guy definitely was only interested in one thing. I would just let him go. If he comes into your work, do your best to do your job and move on. If possible, hopefully someone else can help him.

    It sounds to me like he got what he wanted out of you and is now done. Especially since he wanted to come see you again (just for sex!) and when you asked him if that's all he wanted, all of a sudden he was too tired.

    You deserve so much better! And I am so sorry you have to go through this. I've been there and it hurts so much.

    Next time though just try to be careful. Don't bring the guy back to your place and don't go back to his. Wait for sex to see if he's really interested. Get to know him to see if he's even someone you want to be with.

    Good luck!


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  • I don't blame you or him - sex on first meeting generally ends up where the girl expects something more & the guy thinks easy sex

    Well if I don't want someone I don't ever delete their numbers though cause I want to know who is calling or texting


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  • Now that you have "His Number" here, dear, Stay Clear of Him and if You do Run into Him.. Be civil Tongue and don't Buy anything from him, like even... A Second Chance, he Isn't into any Romance.
    He has Lost Interest because his Thrill with his Fill is Gone, knowing You are Not Some Hot... Tease and Please.
    And while You are at it, you can Politely Ask him to Please, not come back to Where you Work, He is Bad for Business and he Need Not make You his own 'Business' Anymore, as he goes Back out the Door.
    Good luck. xx

  • If you see him again just be friendly but not flirty. Don't bring up the date or sex or seeing him again. And try to politely be too busy to chat.

  • Am so sorry to say this for it's another prime example of:
    Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am.

  • He only wanted to hook up with you.

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