How come this girl is staring at me and contacting me again 2 weeks later after she ignored my text and avoided me and made me feel rejected?

I've know a girl for 3 months
She would contact me 3-4 times a week
We would always say Hi to each other and she would at me.
She even offered to make me coffee and candy.

3 weeks ago on Thursday, we sat right next to each other and we had a 30 minute conversation

The next day, she gave me her personal cell phone number through asking to call her on the phone.

5 days later, I texted her phone saying Hi It's me, my name How is everything going?

3 hours 30 minutes later, she responded with Hi, everything is good. Thanks.
Is there something you need or want?

I responded with I'm just saying Hello and wanted to reach out to you.
She never responded to my text.

The next day, she completely avoided me
For 2 weeks, we didn't look at each other or contact each other

After 2 weeks,
She stepped out and I noticed somebody was looking at me from the other side of the floor but so I looked up and it was her looking at me

The next day she sent me a email saying Hi, Name with her message and ended the email with Thanks with her name.

I ignored the email and never contacted her after that.


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  • Stop the games and just talk to each other already 🙄😊

    • If I start talking to her, she may do the same thing down the road esp being that I haven't know her for long.
      I felt very hurt when she rejected me and avoided me.

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  • are u rich or have a rich guy friend than that is your answer :p