What does she mean?

So this girl sent me this text that's super confusing... She likes me but needs to figure out her emotions? Wtf does that mean. And do you think it's weird she doesn't want her friends knowing about our relationship. I already asked if there is an ex boyfriend but she said no.. not sure if I believe her.

I really like spending time with you Matt, and there is no one else at home or at school. The past two weeks have just been too much too fast, and im not used to something like this. I've never been in a real relationship before and even though I like you, I feel like I haven't had time to think through my emotions. Please just untag me in the picture, I'm not asking you to take it down I just don't want all my friends on Facebook in my business asking about it


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  • she feels like the relationship is moving too fast. She's into you and don't wanna end whatever you two have going on but she's basically asking you to slow down a bit. Don't try to make her your girlfriend or tag her in your things that would make her friends question her what do you mean in her life and she's still trying to figure that out.

    • Oohhh that makes sense. So probably shouldn't kiss her for a while then?

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    • sounds to me that she doesn't want to keep up with what you two have going on, like she had the time of her life during summer and now she wants to get back to her regular life but without you. Ask her straight up if she wants to stop seeing you, ask her exactly what does she means

    • thank you!

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  • she a) can has another guy in the background who she likes and she is confused
    b) she can be confused cos she's been hurt in the past
    c) both

  • she could be saying it because she thinks the truth might hurt your feelings or maybe she has been through a bad relationship and wants to make sure your not gonna hurt her