He isn't ready to date, should I still be friends with him?

We dated for a while but then for various reasons things kind of fizzled out. We still liked each other and wanted to give things another shot once school started. But a couple weeks ago some things happened with his family and when we talked, he said that he wants to go out and hang out with me but he is in a really bad place and isn't ready to date right now. He told me the details of the situation and I can understand why he wouldn't be able to date. I'm just not sure what to do now.

I want to be friends with him and be there for him but I feel really hurt. How can I be friends with him when I still have feelings for him? I'm worried that if I keep him in my life then a part of me will be hoping that he'll come around and if he never does, I'll end up more hurt.



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  • Being friends with someone when you have feelings for them and they don't return them can hurt a lot, and won't likely stop while you are still around them. I would say, give it up to two months max, then if he won't be in a relationship with you, leave and tell him it's too hard to be around him.
    That is way too hard to stay friends when you like them because then you would eventually have to see them happy with another girl if he never returns your feelings and that would be worse. Give it a little time, and set a date on your calendar to end it if things don't change.


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  • No, you should not. You should move on instead.


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  • Sometimes you just have to take a chance in life. If you feel his reasons are legit for waiting, and you feel he is worth the wait, then take the gamble and just remain as friends for now.

  • I say stick by him as a friend and see where things go.


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