I've been talking to this girl all summer but I don't know her name?

I'm normally pretty good at remembering names and such , I often ask very early when I make an intro , somehow I didn't get this girls name when we meet , she works at a restaurant I go to so I've talked and seen her there. she also goes to a bar I go to and I've talked to her there as well , I'm pretty sure she was at least interested in being friends maybe more since she talked to me outside of work and seemed responsive.
but after dozens of short conversations I'd feel weird asking what her name is at this point? like aren't I suppose to know? should I ask anyways? I think she is just working there for the summer and on to something else come fall? so if I want to keep in touch I'd need a # or social media profile or something , I can't even being to find her online at this point


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  • Just ask her to put her number in your phone next time. Or get someone else to ask her name while she's working

    • I agree asking for her # might be a good idea not at work but when she was at the bar , she's new this summer but everyone else there already knows her name , I just don't know it

    • :) well just ask her for her number and for her to put it in your phone. at least then your showing an interest and she can fill the name in

    • well considering the amount of times I've talked to her , asking for the # isn't a big deal by this point , she might even wonder why I hadn't asked for it?

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