"Party Girls" make me feel really insecure... ?

I feel really sick when I hear about party girls settling down with a nice guy when they are done their phase...

I know myself, I have been shy all my life, haven't partied, just been focusing on my career and never really found a girl for myself...

Is it wrong to not want a party girl who is settling down? Or is that my only option now?

A girl who has hooked up, partied, gone through that phase...

I just feel insecure... I feel like they don't really like me, they just want a stable guy, who won't cheat on them... while they end up cheating on me...

I really don't want that... but after reading the internet, and life experience...

Is that my only chance to get a girl now?

I am hoping I meet a nice girl, that really didn't care about that phase and has focused on her career or something as well... But I really can't find anyone like that...

I really want to stop feeling insecure, I just want someone to love me.. for being me... not because I have a good job, and am stable...


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  • It's not wrong and of course it's not your only option.

    • Its not?

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    • They are usually locked up at home reading or playing video games. That's why you can't find many of them.

    • Shy girls please come out!!!

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  • I dont think you are wrong for feeling that way and don't let the girls here try to shame you or talk down to you for feeling that way.


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