What should I do about this girl?

When I was in fourth grade, I was friends with a girl who liked me. I can tell she had a crush on me. But little did she know that I kinda liked her back. In fact, when it was nearing the end of the year, things were staring to get "serious" and seemed like we might have actually started dating, but the next year, I went to a new school, and I never saw her in person again. It saddened me. Anyways, a year ago, I followed her on instagram and she followed me back. When I briefly chatted with her on instagram, she seemed happy and was able to remember me. As of now, she just ended a relationship with another guy. This makes her single again. Part of me says that I should go get her once and for all, but I have some concerns. Will she still like me? Will things be awkward since we haven't seen each other in years? She I ask her to go with me somewhere? How would I ask her?


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  • Just talk for now. She's just split up with her boyfriend so you don't want it to be a rebound. Then suggest hanging out and see where it goes from there


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