Should I try it or quit?

I'm just out of school and not looking to get married for at least 5-8 years ish. but I am interested in finding someone to be with. so would it be better to try dating even if I'm a little busy with work and such to try and find someone/ gain expirience with relationships (never been in a relationship) or should I focus on work and the special lady will come in time?


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  • Focus on work and special lady will come in time. Make a name for yourself in your chosen field and as you get a foothold in your career then begin looking for love - but honestly love usually finds you when you aren't looking

    • people always say that it comes when ur not looking and it drives me crazy!! lol thanks for the advice.

    • Well , in my case that was true. I was focused on my career and BOOM! Sexy brunette with great legs walked into my life. Hit my over the head with a love hammer. Best thing that ever happened to me.
      Good luck to you man.

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • You should focus on your work/career.


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