Should I break up with him?

Apparently My boyfriend of 6 months has been telling his friend that he got head from another girl while he's dating me. I confronted her about it and she said that she barely knows my boyfriend and told me to leave her alone and tell my boyfriend to stop telling lies about her. One of my friends told me that she has her own boyfriend and has never seen her talk to mine. So Why would he say he Got head from her when he is with me? I know guys lie and stuff but usually not when they are committed. Does he like her? Why would he do that? Should I break up with him? On one hand he told people he got head from some other girl but on the other he didn't actually cheat on me.

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  • i'd confront him. and ask him why he's spreading false rumors about cheating on you with a girl

    his actions are very disturbing. it's disturbing that he'd lie about cheating.

    i don't know if you should break up with him but i think you have a very good reason to do so. clearly he's more interested in impressing friends than being an honorable, honest and respectful person


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  • I feel it Might be a Better deal to Go to the Source... My Boyfriend.
    Sit him down, like the Dating couple you are, and have a Serious talk with him about What You are "Hearing."
    I also Feel that While you are at it, Find out if you are Exclusive or even Official. You use the Word "While he's dating me," so Not sure what I would call you Both, although you are 'Calling' him a 'Boyfriend.'
    If you are Both Exclusive and Official, Yes, he is Cheating, and unless you both are Free birds to Do as you Please, from where I am Sitting that makes you Two birds of a feather who are Supposed to Stick Together and Stick to One Story, and right Now... The whole Truth right Now.
    If you Find out it is True, "Trust Issues" are Now what I am Titling you both.
    Good luck. xx


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  • If he's willing to spread lies like that, it IS as bad as cheating. Whether it's true or not, that he did it, is irrelevant. It's the fact he was thinking of it and saying it. No guy that cares for his lady and respects her would do this.

    I think this, for me, is a deal breaker.

  • She has a BFF so she's lying because she doesn't wanna get caught by him and your BFF is a dirt bag for cheating

    • What?

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    • he pretended he cheated he barely knows that girl he said he "cheated" with

    • Is that what u think?

  • Lol sounds so petty

    • What do you mean

    • He's trying to sound cool around his friends. Your boyfriend sounds like a tool. But when you confronted the girl, did she seem not genuine about it?

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