Am I the only one?

So i'm seeing this guy for a while now. And we were together after work and he got a call from this girl. While i was holding his phone. He got real awkward and i kinda forgot about it.

Now i see on facebook how he is tagging her and stuff.

He says he likes me and that he isn't talking to anybody else... But obviously he is..

How do i confront/ask him about it?

what do you think about the situation?


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  • You don't know if that's a friend of his. Asking him would just get him to think you're clingy.

    • Yea pretty much. So what do i do?

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    • Since he acts like everything is fine, being cold isn't going to get him to realize you are upset. He might be a player trying to fuck you and no more.

    • Thank you! I also think he's playing me. My momma didn't raise no fool! Lol!

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  • I think you got competition


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  • Honestly that's how it started with my boyfriend and I. Except I actually had proof he was talking to another girl. It hurt my feelings and I avoided him for a little bit. Not to play games but because it genuinely hurt. He started to reach out to me more and I told him I knew what he was doing and how he felt. I was honest and in the end he chose me because he had feelings for me too, the other girl was just some flirtatious banter.

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