Should I give on my crush and not risk?

Sorry about another annoying dating topic. But it's important. Me and my a crush are so incompatible it would be the worst type of a relationship:The rare black hole relationship. This is when you are with a person no even polar opposite, just everything is entirely different. And black hole relationship have zero success because like time and space they make great friends, but mix together and you get a disaster. Truly impossible, and quite frankly a task no person could handle. But my crush think we would look good together. Should I give it a try?


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  • You can always give it a try, depends on how much fuss you're willing to handle.

    • I that know. As friends we can work, but together as a couple would be a 120% risk. Its even worse that I never had a girlfriend.

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    • Well I know family, friends, and actually reality TV shows. The more incompatible, the more conflict. That's all.

    • Family & friends are a reduced sample, and reality TV shows are the best way to convince anyone never to fall in love. The shows select people that are likeliest to pick fights, because fights make good shows. But it's not actual reality.
      Some people don't get along, true. But if you guys do get along, having differences may help you both balance each other out. The only thing you need to keep an eye on is communication versus conflict. Resolve disagreements without fighting. It's always possible to talk things out. And that just takes practice. So the sooner you start, the sooner you'll be good at it.

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