Why does every girl seem to have a boyfriend?

Ok so I'm a freshman guy in college and I'm majoring in nursing well I've never had a girlfriend, been kissed, and I'm a virgin that doesn't bother me because it will change in due time my question is why is it that every girl I find attractive in my past few years have a boyfriend? I talk to them get a liking to them and then ask and find out they are taken it sucks. :( I am a good genuine person I know some girls think nice fellows are dull but I'm sharp I promise you.


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  • You being a good person literally has no impact on the love and affection they have towards their boyfriend.

    Maybe you find them attractive because they're universally attractive, which means your chances of them being available are SUPER low.

    • Oh joy. I don't mean it like that I just don't understand why I haven't found a single one yet. I don't go for the "hottest" girl I see I'm not interested in heavy competition over a girl unless I really wanted to. I just wish your kind wasn't do complicated and confusing. You guys are hard to talk to because you're all such gorgeous people. :/

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  • Because girls like to date older.
    Especially true around high school/freshman college girls who will generally have a boyfriend 5+ years older than them which is the kind of competition you would have to face as somebody around their age.


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  • Ratio wise is kind of impossible, so *surely* few of them just lied to don't hurt you.

    • Dang you're probably right its the hard truth. I hope I find a single one someday its just hard to talk to girls you're all so freaking pretty.

    • I hope you will find a girl who likes you too. :)
      And we aren't going to eat you just because you talk to us. 😂

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  • because there are others that have the same taste as you and were faster?

    • Maybe not sure I just wish girls weren't so confusing and hard to talk to they are so pretty.