Men get attached?

guys, can you really just have sex without having any feeling for a girl you have been hanging out/having a fun time with after 3 dates?

do guys really not have any emotion when it comes to sex? is it just something you do, and not feel?


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  • Depends on the guy, I personally can't have sex with a girl I don't love, I suppose I could if I really wanted to, but it's just not the kind of man I want to be. It would be a temptation I'd try to avoid, it's just not who I am.

    But I'm in the minority.

    • I agree with this guy completely. What's the point in just having sex just to get off? Been there done that and its not really worth it. Cause in the end she might end up having feelings and he won't and it just end up with trouble. Sex is so much better when there's emotion behind it in my opinion

    • Most guys aren't like western but that's how I am at least I've had a few times where a girl has wanted to to go all the way with her but I just told her it just didn't feel like the emotion was there just the physical aspect and that wasn't the kinda relationship I wanted with her

    • I agree you're in the minority lol

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  • I can have sex without having feelings, I guess lust comes to mind.

    If I have feelings for someone and we have sex, the sex isn't going to increase or decrease those feelings.

  • If you have feelings for someone and you have sex with them, it's an emotional experience that you "feel". If not, then sex isn't going to create them.

  • If I like her I'll get attached.


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