So pissed off in the early stage?

I finally agreed to go out with this guy after about a year of him asking. At the moment he is in another country at a friends wedding. Yesterday at the wedding he put up a snapchat video of the bridesmaids with a caption like something like sweet peaches. And it's really hit a nerve and I'm not even a jealous person but it's annoyed me and I have to admit I'm sightly jealous.

He thinks he is coming home to date me and has been making all these plans. So I think at stage he should be on his best behaviour as I am. Him putting up that video makes me think he is like any other creepy man. Would you be annoyed or not?

  • Once a creep always a creep, I wouldn't date him
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  • Your overreacting it's no biggie
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  • Let this one slide but he shouldn't have put up the video knowing you'd see it.
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What Guys Said 1

  • Not sure what the peaches thing is or what it implies, but sounds like just regular wedding reception fun to me. Unless he is posting orgy videos I think you are over reacting here.


What Girls Said 1

  • I personally wouldn't consider that a problem at all.