Have you noticed that the men on GirlsAskGuys usually provide more insightful answers than women?

In terms of answers to controversial questions that require a deeper level of thinking, I find that males usually write well thought out answer with a deeper understanding of the question while females either pick out an area of the question and focus on that or write a long bland answer ignoring any details given with the question.

I'm not inferring that all females on this website provide those answers, I've certainly received interesting responses from women too but for the most part, this is the pattern I've noticed...

I'll have five male answers with three good answers and two duds.

I'll have six female answers with five duds and one good answer (if I'm lucky).

Have you noticed that as well and if so, why do you think that is?

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P.S. Just to clarify, I'm talking more about behavioral and broad questions rather than a single personal issue that I encounter -> for those I'll usually get better female responses.I'm just wondering why I get more answers from guys in the former Qs.


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  • I think that for starters, a lot of the guys on this site are older than the girls. I think generally, a lot of the girls who sign up are in their teens, and a lot of them join primarily to ask questions about relationships (Ok, so there's this guy...). A lot of these girls are actually below the 16 year old limit, so a lot of them have little to no relationship experience. Also, because a lot of the girls are here to ask questions rather than read/answer others' questions, they don't get to see the variety of responses from both genders. Unfortunately, because of this, a lot of questions get repeated by both genders ("Why do nice guys finish last?", "What do men really want?",

    Also, I think that, like you said, the guys tend to be better at answering general questions because they try to see it from all perspectives. A lot of the female responses are made based on personal experience (which can still be good, don't get me wrong), but it doesn't have overall depth of an unbiased answer. In the specific questions (which seem to be more frequently asked by females), women are able to better apply their experience-based knowledge to the situation.

    Obviously, this isn't to say that there aren't members of both genders who provide very good, in depth answers. I do think, based on observation, that there are more regular female posters who make posts with craptacular grammar and spelling, though. That might contribute to seemingly less intelligent posts. Which sounds more intelligent to you: "What would be some good ideas for a second date?" or "cant decide where to go w this guy I need advice plz plz plzzzzzz!" Ugh. I think that a lot of the guys who would post something like that are the kinds of guys who aren't on this site.

    • I think women tend to be more biased then men because women tend to think and answer questions more with their emotions, feelings and past experiences, rather than men who would think more rationally.

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  • Hey, the US women are mostly into hot cars and money and don't know much about relationships. Sex is something they sell to get what they want...pretty universallly. Most of the women in top positions in business are either wives of rich men or have slept their way to the top.

    This dosesn't generate much insight about relationships, does it?

    Not all women of course are that way but the other women, out of gender solidarity, will rarely call those women on their behavior, and defend them when they are criticized, so they tend not to learn as they get older, either.

    I'm married to a Venezuelan woman myself

    • I have to disagree with this. You're stereotyping American women based on what you see in the movies. There are at least a 10 million of us that are definitely not like that. There will always be women from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures who are shallow.

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    • I'd disagree with this too. I'm Canadian but I wasn't born here and have lived in other places as well. Americans get a bad rap. They're not the only shallow ones. Many people from many countries declare "their people" and deep and intelligent. It's s pile of crap. Many of these countries are filled with self-interested women (including Venezuela) but they're also filled women who aren't like that. The popular media doesn't dictate the nature of everyone in the country.

    • Girls are 3-1 against, guys 6-1 in favor. Wish more people ahd answered. A lot of people won't give an opinon because, gee, it might not be PC Thanks for having the courage to even ask this question!

  • hadn't noticed really, but my guess is because we try to look at it from both sides instaid of just from the female perspective?

  • of coarse men give best answers God made us smarter then womenz! Now go make your man a sandwich!


    I've never really noticed that guys give better answers, if if they really do I would guess that it would be because this site would be more appealing to girls of any type, where it might only appeal to certain types of guys.

  • Perhaps the male users are more analytical when it comes to questions that really go in-depth, but if they are, I suppose I haven't really taken notice - so I chose answer "C".

  • Men>Women enough said

  • I think there are a few highly active males that provide a lot of good answers in a lot of different questions. But in the aggregate, all the misogynists, perverts, trolls, and insecure crybabies on the male side drag down the average quality of our answers pretty severely.


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  • A big majority of the 'women' here are teenagers and a lot of those not even the minimum official age of 16. What depth to US teenage girls generally have? And even the adult women, well a lot of shopaholics who rate guys by their wallets more than anything else...

    SOME of the same applies to the guys here, but I get the impression the average age is a little older and they are just more serious.

    But what you say reflects the fact that still today women of any age in the US often aren't judged by their good sense much, but by their looks. So it's not surprising they tend not to have much insightful to say. To an Irish person, this is really obvious. Ithink most US people are so used to this, they don't even see it really.

    The 'bimbo' look sells better still today, especially with the teenage demographic.

    • I think the reason why there are so many young girls here verseu young guys is because younger guys often don't take relationships as seriously and only start caring about them as they get older.

  • Some users stand out to me as being more insightful than others, and the level of insight is usually pretty consistent from one of their answers to the next, but I haven't noticed a difference between male and female users. I'm not looking for it though, I try to avoid the male/female generalizations because they're too black and white. If it's there, I'm missing it.

    • I think I only noticed it because this site divides all the answers into males/females. I thought it was interesting because I started looking at how each gender answers differently and realized that the male answers were consistently better thought out when answering those types of questions.

    • I'll be watching for that now lol

      Maybe the men on this site are just better at realizing when they have something of value to say and when they don't. It also seems like a lot of women think they should be better at giving advice, so maybe they assume that what they're saying is worthwhile when it's really not. And some just try too hard to be insightful (I think that's when you get the long, bland answers).

  • I have to say most girls aren't trained in psychology. Neither are guys, but if they speak up they have something to say! The girls often don't but will...SPEAK UP ANYWAY!

    I'm not like that myself, but many, MANY of the modern girls are, sorry to say.

  • i think it depends on the questions you're asking.

    • I laid out the terms of the types of questions I'm asking

    • I still think it depends.. I know you asked "answers to controversial questions that require a deeper level of thinking"...but there are so many topics. But I can see where you're coming from. I think guys just like to get to the point quicker. They can stay focused on the issue. It's black and white. Where girls tend to deviate because they drag their emotions into a lot of their responses. Then their answers aren't there to help you, but themselves. Self-reflexive.

  • Because the guys typically use less emotion and more facts in their answer. This is stereotypical but it's what I've noticed.

  • yes i have noticed that...

  • I think it goes both ways. Sometimes guys will completely ignore a huge chunk of my questions and give me a quick answer that doesn't really make sense or help me at all, and then girls will be able to relate to it more and give me an answer that's detailed and really helps with the problem. And the opposite happens too

    • Hmm. I suppose that's true in terms of personal problems. I'll usually get longer responses from girls and one-liners from guys but when I'm asking an abstract question that requires deeper cognitive thinking, I'll usually get what I'm wanting from the guys.