I don't want him to fade like the other guy?

So met a guy on an online dating site, we had been messaging for a couple weeks and just started texting/video chatting. We live somewhat far apart, but we really like each other and are making plans to see each other. The problem is I'm a bit paranoid as the last guy I started dating showed tons of interest w/in the 1st month and did a 180 flip in character after he moved back home (he wanted to continue the LDR). How can i keep myself from getting hurt again? Just as I emotionally invested myself in the guy he pulled out and no we did not have sex.


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  • The downside of dating is that you completely become vulnerable in the process of it. And it's a risk you have to be willing to take (being open to someone and risk getting hurt).

    But the right guy, no matter how tough it gets will find a reason to stay. So don't be afraid, this is how dating works. You meet people, the ones who come and go aren't meant to be in your life. But for the ones that stay, are the ones that belong there. Good luck!


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