Would you act this way towards a woman if you weren't attracted to her? Want to make a move but don't want to be rejected?

I've known this guy for about 6 months. We see each other often in a business environment and its complicated but we don't hang out. He is always complimenting me. m on everything from my eyes to how my clothes look on me. He's made jokes about going places with me, casually touches me often, etc. Recently though it seems like there is some serious sexual tension going on... everything from how he touches me to telling me he looks forward to seeing me and some subtly sexually charged comments. I know we're not really in a good position to hook up or date and I feel likes he's screaming that he's interested or at least just flirting really hard. Could I possibly be misreading this in any way? Its hard to know because our situation is a big barrier to us going forward with anything.
The insecure part of me also wonders if a guy would ever act his way towards a woman he wasn't Interested in. I kinda want to make a move but he's pretty amazing and I can't beleive he'd like me.


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  • What you see with your eyes?

    • I see a guy who acts attracted but maybe that's just because I want him to be.

    • So going for who you want depends of the situation, don't it?

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  • Let him make a move, take it slow, see what his intentons are..

    • I just feel like he never will, but maybe things are at least getting closer.

    • i think if he isn't shy tupe he will make a move if he is interested, when guys really want something they go for it