My family says he is too young for me?

I have had the worst luck w/dating, my ex was a year older then me, but had the maturity level of an 15 y/o when it came to getting serious in life. I am college educated and almost a year into my professional job. I met a guy online, we messaged back and forth for weeks, we text and video chat now (he lives far away). We get along great! The only problems are that he is 6 years younger and isn't in college/planning to go to college. I don't care how much the guy makes, I just don't want to struggle w/$ issues later in life. I met another guy, older, very high education, but far from someone I would want to date (he is weird). My family keeps telling me he is too young, he told me he liked older women. Thoughts?


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  • The age difference isn't that big. Not planning to go to college is fine too depending on the reason. Is he not going to college because he has a plan? Sales, small business, good trade, or because he doesn't have a plan? Plan good. No plan bad. Is he otherwise mature? Most guys in their 20s just want to f around.

    • He definitely doesn't just want to f around, I did ask him what he wanted to do and he said he wanted to pick up a trade. I am going to ask him again in a little bit because I want to make sure he isn't a total bum before I get emotionally invested.

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    • I know that all to well after dating my ex...

    • Good luck. The age difference isn't that big a deal, if he's a worker. If he's not, then...

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  • He's 20 and not doing shit with his life. He might think he's still 15 or something. I don't think he's the right guy for you. Get you a man not a boy

    • He said he wanted to pick up a trade.

    • You're trying to find excuses to be with him and if that's the cause do whatever you want to cause you won't listen!

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  • So are you going to let your family dictate your life? Do they stand in the bathroom with you while you're crapping and tell you when you've finished wiping?


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