How can I recover my self-worth and confidence after being rejected by someone who lost interest in me?

Long story short, I used to talk to someone who was initially interested in me, but lost it little by little. He bailed out before we could go out on our first coffee date. This was someone whom I knew from work. The fact that I thought I did everything right and thought that the moment I was waiting for years had finally arrived, only for him to reject me before giving me the chance to get to know one another, just killed my self-esteem.
Every time I think I've met a potential match, it always results in a disappointment. I can't seem to find the type of guy I'm looking for and a part of me dies because of this each day.


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  • The definition of insanity is 'doing the same thing over & over and expecting different results' , if it always end in disappointments, maybe the problem lies in the guys you chose to date.

    You should ask yourself that what do you want in a relationship.

    Here are some examples :

    - I want the guy to at least have a career
    - Is he a family guy?
    - Does he want children like I do?
    - How is his personality?

    If you fall for guys because they have a way with words, look good on the surface and are all materialistic and go for 'I love you & you love me' thing, then the chances are high that you are getting yourself out there to be hurt.

    If I were you, I would refrain from dating for a while and don't jump on the first option you get, think what you want out of your life and what is your basis idea of a relationship and how you want to proceed and once you have it, that's where your self worth comes in, that you know what you want and become a confident woman in the process.

    Good luck to you.

  • You have to move on just like everyone who has been rejected by someone... Shit happens and sometimes you don't always get what you want... But that doesn't mean you won't ever get it...


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  • See it as a lesson and move on