Do you think this reason is true for dumping someone?

So , my friend went to a date. she liked the guy. He dumped her after one date saying that she is too short for him.
She is 5 feet 2 inch and the guy was 5 feet 11 inch.

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  • If you meant "valid" instead of true, then yes. There is no such thing as an invalid reason to dump someone. Every one has preferences - selfish, nonsensical, moronic at times, but preferences none the less.

    • couldn't think on valid word

Most Helpful Girl

  • Lol! wow. I'm 5'1". xD

    Was this a blind date? Because if it was then maybe, or maybe he just didn't like her but if they met in person and set up a date I HIGHLY doubt that is the reason why.

    • no.
      They are classmates.
      he asked her out.
      he said he likes her but it's awkward due to the height gap.
      it's not that she is bad looking or has blunt personality.
      she is sweet and good looking

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    • yeah.
      i will.
      but she is feeling bad for that. She likes tall guys but she really thinks that she will look awkward if a guy is more than 5 feet 8. i told her it won't look awkward at all.

    • Lol no it won't look awkward. I've got friends that are 6'5" and it's not weird being around them. Plus even if she doesn't end up with a "tall" guy, most guys are taller than her anyway so she still gets the tall guy benefits.

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  • Sounds like an excuse, but I am sure there are guys where it is a serious preference.

    Either way. Move on.


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  • Nope it's something else for sure. That's not even that big of a height difference.

    • yeah , i think same.
      i get it she was short.
      but it wasn't bothersome.

    • Well he isn't even that tall really, but I consider over 6 foot tall.