Self Sabotaging relationships? Looking at boyfriend less than a man?

I've noticed not only in this relationship but in all of mine when things start to get serious and people get comfortable i start to self sabotage. I like really manly men so when i see my manly man singing or dancing or doing something on the more feminine side i get a little turned off. Like for example i was on the phone with my boyfriend while he was at work and i overheard his boss yelling at him. And it was a bit weird and kind of a turn off , to think with me he's dominant but at work he gets talked to that way. I don't wanna be this way i literally can't help it anyone have any idea why i'm like this? Like a guess? o


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  • So you are basically saying you are attracted to men who are masculine and dominant. Do you think that is only you?

    • No it's not only me I just take it over board

    • Do you think it would happen if your boy didn't allow that yelling?

  • That's f'ed up. Even the most manly of men can sing and dance - that's NOT a feminine trait and why you think singining and dancing is feminine I have no earthly clue.
    The only way to get over it is to help yourself first. You see the signs and you want to improve that's the first step. Now perhaps seeking out a counselor would be a good second step because every man, no matter how manly, is RoboCop 24/7.


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  • You sound increadibly immature. I'm not trying to insult you, I'm just saying you sound really immature in that any of those things bother you. Men can sing and dance, it doesn't affect their 'manliness'. You need to do a lot of growing. I wouldn't date anyone until you realise that people don't fit into tiny boxes of what you and you alone like.

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