Why he avoid answering my question?

So I've been seeing this one guy for over a month now. I went on a short holiday during this time and so did he. He always texts me first and asks me how I'm doing. Anyway, the other day I asked him over text when he was coming back (meaning when he was gonna be back in our town mainly because I can't wait to see him again). He avoided the question completely and only wrote to me "Have a safe flight"

I wrote "Thanks" to which he then later on replied "Back on Friday. Wedding on Sat" to which I then replied "Okay"

Is he trying to avoid seeing me again or is he simply busy? I'm not sure why he avoided answering the question in the first place.


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  • He didn't avoid the question. He answered the question later. I wouldn't take that as a sign that he is not interested.

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