How do you approach a women you think is attractive and you want to take out?

I mean in terms of any setting like in public, or if you know them for a while.


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  • If in public I would go up to her when she's alone and tell her you think she's beautiful and not use any cheesy pick up lines or weird comments and if you know her for a while be honest about your feelings for her

    • I've never approach a women in public and that I don't know. I've seen plenty of females at the gym that I find attractive, but I hold back from talking to them because I fear how they will respond.

    • Most girls would be flattered and if they're not interested they'd say it politely. You just have to look confident and not awkward. Only some girls will be rude and those are the snobby ones and you can usually tell which ones will be snobby

  • Don't approach women in public unless you're ridiculously good-looking. If you know them for a while, you can tell them directly that you're interested in hanging out with them.

    • I've been told I'm good looking, cute all my life. I guess I should approach women? I just have self conscious issues that I have to get over. I tried to ask one chick I knew out. She was flirty, touchy, with me. I asked her friend about her and she said that she told her I was cute. But when asked her out she rejected me. She was a single mom maybe that had something to do with it? It just shot my confidence to be honest. She was the only chick I've asked out directly so far.

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  • 1. walk up to her
    2. Say hi
    3. Ask her out to somewhere. Suggest the day time and location

    • That is one way. I just feel like a lot of females when you are very direct like that get very defensive and lie and say they have a boyfriend or etc.

    • Well if they lie than this isn't a girl you what anyway. Noone should date a lier.