Girl has totally confused me?

On way home from work , noticed a cute girl. We would exchange glances and it quickly turned into a stare down staring at my package lol. Scared me then days after she stare from a distance , copy the way I act , look me up and down and get dressed up randomly. Then if I got on at a later stop or 1 week after she would go from looking depressed to seeming shocked and staring again. Then I started to disappear. Once she held her flowers to her chest sat opposite me switching her glance bro me then the floor with a slight smile then she would start staring at me looking sad and deep breathing resting head on window I never spoke to her. So 2 months later I was waiting at the stop and she passed on the train I caught a dif one this time and she was staring at me whilst on the phone and passing. So I would catch it every two months first off she stared at me and smiled , second time smiled and apologised. For being in my way whilst getting off (normal manners nothing in in usual) . Then I sat opposite her 2 months later in a booth. She looked anxious playing with hair and looked at everyone but me so I smiled to myself lol. Anyway 1 months later she shoved he named travel card in my face when the ticket guy came. 3 months after I stopped sitting near her. She would stare at me the whole trip then do hair , make up etc and walk past saying hi and blushing. 2 months later come back she had a boyfriend with her at the stop she looked red and anxious. I commented on her fb pictures and liked a few without adding her. She seen me day after and smiled hugely to me. Then her be caught her and they appeared on my carriage she stood closure to me checked he weren't looking faced me with this huge smile staring at me. Then slowly turned away licking and biting her lips , then I got off her boyfriend kept looking at me. She sent a message via fb saying just cz I seen her don't mean I can approach n that her had is aware and blocked me. Her boyfriend pulled me up n asked if I was * I said

No. So 3 days after I sent an explanation via LinkedIn saying sorry n I was ment to speak to her but was shy and explained my disappearing n that maybe we can get to know each other in the future. See you around. She didn't block me. Then seen her 3 weeks later and she notice I avoided her and stared at her oho e with a red face whispering to herself. Then on the train resting her head on the window always checking were I am and if suddenly checking to see if I got off at my usual stop
Which I didn't and she looked at me again and then rested her head looking sad again. And got off later looking red and depressed. So 1 week later for a joke I liked her blogs m she finally blocked me on that lol so I'm totally confused she wants to talk? She doesn't? She got a boyfriend maybe had him all along? I think it's long distance aswell. So then she blocks me and he knows? What the hell?


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  • Oh hell... It's been so many months and you're still asking about this? Talking about obsession...


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  • She's just a flirting person, or she is one of those girls who wants to play other guys so she can watch her boyfriend beat them up!