Early on in a new relationship- should I be concerned?

I''ve been dating a guy for about 2 months. We really clicked and he made an effort since the first date to always come see me and make time for me. I've already met his parents after coming by his house- he calls me his girlfriend. things moved pretty quick. However- recently i went through his phone (i know i shouldn't have.. im not proud) and saw about 3weeks-month ago he was texting his ex. super flirty- she definitely didn't know he was involved with anyone. And it bugged me. Coincidentally, we've recently had an "ex talk" and he told me he sees her at work, but they dont have much of a relationship outside of that. There was no messages sent to her since that talk. However, now that i've seen those messages, I wonder why he was so quick to get me into his life if he still flirts with her in that way.. I'm not sure how to feel about it, but he does promise me that nothing is going on with her. Should I be worried? Im hoping now that we've had this talk that he doesn't continue to communicate with her in that but I have no way of knowing and it makes me anxious :(


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  • Well he's a douche without a doubt!

    Plus you shouldn't feel sorry for yourself
    Because it was his fault!

    I would say go for another guy and girl!


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  • I would be concerned as well if I were in your position. It's a red alarm. He's probably still not over her.