Why does he like her! He's never talked to her?

I think my crush likes this new girl. She's been here since the beginning of the school year but they've only known each other for like more than a month. I always see him looking at her in class but he talks to me more. Once we were chatting and he looked over at her and another time he said "hey Britt" (me) but then looked over at her. He's not shy at all but I see him looking at her frequently, usually more than the other girls. I asked him what her name was and he's like I don't know never talked to her. But when he's talking to friends like me he sometimes would glance over at her. Also when he's speaking in class I noticed he looks over at her sometimes. Why does he like her if he's never talked to her or hung out with her? Why does he keep looking at her!


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  • He's physically attracted to her.

    Is she pretty?

    • No she's not so why does he keep doing that? I have a feeling he likes her

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    • Cause it's not like he's going to stop liking her if I say I like him

    • Have you ever felt like he might like you?

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