I'm being bullied by my boyfriends ex?

I'm going to try to cut out details and get to the point. My boyfriends ex (Emma) has started talking smack about me, she calls me ugly, she says she doesn't like me & so on... and I asked her about it and she denied it, & all of her friends found out.

Now everyone is calling me names, calling me ugly, a liar, and a bunch of other crap. I moved schools so I'm in a complete new environment, and my boyfriends ex goes to this school. I've only been at this school for 7 days and I'm already being picked on. Almost half the student body hates me & or knows about this. Everyone is against me, & while I was at school I started crying because people, keep talking badly about me and people are taking pictures of me on campus and sending them to their friends and making fun of me.

These girls barely even know me none of them have hardly talked to me at all, my boyfriends ex is the one that started it but everyone is involved now.

For example, someone sent this picture that I posted on my Instagram to someone else and called me ugly. I'm being bullied by my boyfriends ex??
I'm 15 in case you are wondering, but anyways what do I do?


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  • Talk to your parents about it and just be strong, those bullying losers will be nowhere 90% of the time when out of school. Maybe they can contact the school and do something.

    Also try to stay away from that social media b. s. make a few friends if you can even if they are the nerdy or "outcast kids" and stick with your friends

    • Thanks for most helpful And by the way you are not ugly so don't believe any of those insults! :)

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  • tell somebody, bully is never cool
    and to be honest, I'll give you how to deal with this - be awesome, focus on your talent/goal (in study or sport or any talent), ignore the bitches and never give a damn on whatever people thinks of you, you'll be better. You are pretty, that's why she hates you. so make something that people will look up to you = BE AWESOME. people will eventually respect you and ignore all the negative things they heard before. trust me, but you need to be stronger. you can do it.


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  • Is there any program at your school that offers assistance with this sort of thing?
    The first two things you need to realize are that you're gorgeous and that you're one hundred percent the bigger person (of many, apparently) by refusing to respond to such juvenile, abhorrent behavior by so many people. There's a whoooole lot to be said for being the bigger person.
    High school will eventually be nothing more than a blip on your radar one day. That is not to in any way diminish what you're going through, however, sometimes it helps to remember the big picture. You have quite a bit to offer to the world and it'd be a shame to allow others' immaturity to affect that.
    You have to understand that the way someone treats you is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves.

  • Mom advice: tell someone. Your parents, a teacher, someone you trust. Possible they can help. Possible*

    Blunt advice from a girl who knows how psycho girls are: Out-bitch the bitches. Nothing will piss them off more than their low life shenanigans being ignored. Act confident do your work at school and try to ignore the bullshit. Join a club outside of school and make friends there. High school is a joke anyway.