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I'm being bullied by my boyfriends ex?

I'm going to try to cut out details and get to the point. My boyfriends ex (Emma) has started talking smack about me, she calls me ugly, she says she doesn't like me & so on... and I asked her about it and she denied it, & all of her friends found out.

Now everyone is calling me names, calling me ugly, a liar, and a bunch of other crap. I moved schools so I'm in a complete new environment, and my boyfriends ex goes to this school. I've only been at this school for 7 days and I'm already being picked on. Almost half the student body hates me & or knows about this. Everyone is against me, & while I was at school I started crying because people, keep talking badly about me and people are taking pictures of me on campus and sending them to their friends and making fun of me.

These girls barely even know me none of them have hardly talked to me at all, my boyfriends ex is the one that started it but everyone is involved now.

For example, someone sent this picture that I posted on my Instagram to someone else and called me ugly.
I'm being bullied by my boyfriends ex??

I'm 15 in case you are wondering, but anyways what do I do?
I'm being bullied by my boyfriends ex?
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