she's lost interest (i think) but I don't know why. And its made me loose my interest also. But?

The girl I've been talking to for the last couple weeks has seem to have lost interest. I honestly dont know why either. It was great at first. We kissed at the end of our date, then the next week she started being short with me, and i know i wasn't bugging her or or being clingly because i noticed her doing this and decided to not text for awhile until she hit me up... which she did (Plus im just not like that anyways)

I asked her out again and she said yes then cancelled. And the convo has been kinda stale ever since. I asked her again and same thing basically.

I've about had it with this game stuff, so hows the best way to say "hey it seems like youve lost interest, not sure why but maybe we shouldn't talk anymore" because she still says hey or hey you here and there... or am i jumping the gun (i dont think i am lol)



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  • Yeah, do what you want to do. Nobody got no time for games.


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  • Start looking for other girls (if you haven't already). As for this one, put her back to friend-level. Keep talking to her if you still consider her a friend. If she cancelled on you twice, she ain't the one you want anyway.

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