Why would a "Handsome" guy NOT be approached by random girls in the club/bar, BUT be approached by random girls in other public places?

As the title of the question states, what do you think is the reason? pEOPLE.

  • He looks ugly to the girls in the club/bar.
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  • Girls don't approach good-looking guys at the club/bar.
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  • Girls are intimidated of 'handsome guys' in the club/bar (even if they are drunk). They are more confident to approach 'handsome guys' in a non-club situation.
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  • Girls are generally worried to approach 'handsome' guys in a club situation, no matter how drunk they are.
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  • The 'Handsome guy' gives creepy/nervous vibes in the club, which makes girls uncomfortable (even when the girls are drunk as f**k).
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  • State your personal opinion, if you think the above options are all bullshit :)
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  • Because many guys who would never approach women in public would do it (with some alcohol) in bars/clubs. It is the same principle as online-dating where anonymity makes more guys approach girls.

    The problem with this is that it leverages her status in the supply and demand balance.

    • Thanks. But the thing is why would a good-looking guy not be approached in a bar/club, when girls are drunk?
      I mean if the good-looking guy is approached quit often in places like the shopping mall, college, supermarket, bus stop, etc, girls should feel more comfortable to approach the good-looking dude in a club/bar situation under the influence of alcohol.
      But it doesn't happen to him in the club/bar... so why?

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    • Sure it happens, but its pretty rare.

    • so why do you think that specific good looking dude would be approached left and right by drunk girls, whereas other good-looking guys won't be approached at all?

  • I don't know the women were drunk, high on drugs,, already with someone, or caught up in the psychedelic music and lights. Or maybe they did approach and you just couldn't hear them because they have the music way to loud in those places.

    • Thanks. Those girls are pretty much drunk. However they still don't approach the random good-looking guy. In a normal scenario like a college, shopping mall, bus stop, etc, random girls would approach him (sober). So why doesn't he get approached by drunk girls? They would be more confident , right?

    • I honestly don't know I don't go to clubs *shrugs*

    • That's cool bro. I personally don't like it. I just went for the sake of my friends. We dance, so that's about it. Not for pickups or anything with girls really. Maybe a convo at the end of the night. Although convos are meaningful and interesting with a chick from the library or something on those lines.
      You seem smart so yeah !!

  • In a bar scene, women are surrounded by other women.

    When women go on about being terrified of looking too obvious, they especially mean looking too obvious to other women.

    So they won't approach a guy in a bar.
    If they can get him on their own, out of the eyes of others, then maybe (if she can overcome her fear, and doesn't look too desperate to HIM) she will approach him. But I still don't think the odds are good, no matter how good looking he is.

    • Thanks. But the influence of alcohol would make girls approach him easily, especially when girls have approached him in a different setting and when they were sober.
      So what do you think?

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    • I see. That's interesting. So did you have a friend who was a stud, that you used to go clubbing with?

    • I clubbed with the locals. They helped me with the language and the subtle mechanics of people interactions in the club scene.

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