Is this guy being apprehensive because I know his ex girlfriend?

i met a guy (25) on an online dating site, and I showed interest right away since I have his ex girlfriend on Facebook and saw pictures of him before. I thought he was so cool lookin... I never met her before, but she went to my high school. They dated for 2 years a couple years ago, and it appears she was his only girlfriend. They seem on friendly terms, and she has been in a new relationship for 1.5 years now.

I found and added him on Facebook and we have only 3 mutual friends and one is her. I've asked him out and initiated our first convo and have been showing a lot of interest.
Would he find this a bit odd or off? Would you?

  • Yes he may
  • Nah. Nothing weird about it
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  • Well I wouldn't think it's weird personally. You don't know his ex at all and she went to your high school so to me it's not a big of a deal. He may ask you how you know her because you do have her as a mutual friend. All you have to do is just say "She went to my high school" and that's it


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