Boyfriend liking ex's pictures bothers me do I/how do I tell him or not?

Recently got back together with my ex we've agreed we're not seeing anyone else and so are basically boyfriend/girlfriend but sort of without the official label although we have referred to each other as gf/bf. I've noticed he keeps liking his ex's Instagram pictures which have been of scenery, her and friends and a bikini pic. This bothers me because in my eyes there's no need to like an ex's pictures if you're seeing someone else- as far as I'm aware he isn't friends with them either.

Now do I tell him this bothers me and if so how do I bring it up or is it possible I'm overreacting? Also the only reason I know this is his ex is because a mutual friend of mine and his ex told me so there could be the awkward conversation of how do you know it's my ex etc.

Thank you!


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  • yes, it's very rude and immature of him-AND telling... doesn't sound gf/bf to me, sounds like he's in the field...

    you're not overreacting, that's like him looking at other women while on a date with you-it's just fucking rude and selfish and inconsiderate...


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  • ... Recently got back together with my ex...
    Let this go for now, for with just having 'Recently got back together,' it might throw a Monkey Wrench into something here, dear.
    He may Not be totally Over her as of yet, Not forgotten the relationship they shared, and could somewhat... Still Care.
    As much as it is Rattling you inside, he has chosen you Again, my Friend, and even though at the Moment no Title has been Slapped on, with you both Referring to 'Each other as gf/bf,' Speaks Volumes to Me with what I do See.
    However, if Things would Continue where even through the Grapevine, Something is Said that's not Right in your Head, Sit him down and Ask him "What is this Deal?" And how you Feel.
    Open lines of Convo Then would be in Order, in Order to Clear Things up and find out What's Up with Him and this Ghost from the Past. If you would see any Remote Antic that would Spell out "Rebound," then Time to Then... Have the Awkward conversation.
    Good luck. xx


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  • You should casually just ask him who the person is that you have noticed him liking a lot, and see what he says. Hopefully he will tell you that it is his ex and then you can let him know how you feel.


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  • I think you should openly admit that it bothers you a lot.

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