Through texting, we click very well but in person, it was different and awkward. Worth pursing?

I met this guy on tinder and we clicked really well and we texted for a couple days and we did so consistently. We had fun, deep conversations and we seem to both be attracted to each other. He asked me to take a walk with out dogs together and I met up with him and it was pretty awkward. He talked about his dog a lot which is cute but it was a bit overkill and he talked about himself a bit more than expected on a "date" and he talked about loving doing stuff alone. I should have asked why he set up a tinder if he wanted to be alone or with his dog only. Either way, he still seemed like a nice guy but the date didn't flow. We haven't texted in half a day which is strange since we were good about every few hours.

I'm attracted to him but I can't read him. Through text, he asks me questions about myself and its pretty even but in person, I dont know if it was just awkward.

Should I text him to set another thing up? I think we both kind of were not into the date and were disappointed after.

Why is it that through text its great but not in person? Worth pursing? I wouldn't mind texting him but I think he's not gonna text me first either. I think we both are like "I'm not that into it, but if they text first, I'll go along"

tl;dr - good through text, awkward in person. worth pursuing?


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  • It's still worth pursuing because it seems like you're both shy and online dating is always awkward


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  • Give him one more chance.