So girls 5'8,5'9 or even taller, will you ever date a 5'9 guy?

i always get insecured about my height (being 5'9) whenever i am in public.
I feel like girls 5'8-5'9 will see me as a useless guy in terms of dating. It may be weird but i always get this feeling.
In other terms, I'm confident, have a nice personality and best thing i have been praised for is making girls laugh by my sense of humour. But I don't know I'm always insecure about my height.


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  • I'm 6'2" and I wouldn't. I know a lot of tall girls say they would.

  • Don't be. Be with whomever you want to be with, in the end the personality and everything else matters. Unless it makes you uncomfortable them wait for another one. But just don't change your mind about a girl or whatever cause of what others think. Just saying 5'9 isn't too short, I have known/seen shorter guys than you and it doesn't matter.

    • *Don't be insecure.

    • Thanks for that. How tall are you anyway?

  • I'm only 5'7, but I've dated guys between 5'7 and 6'7. Height isn't such a big deal to me. I know short guys who do well (5'6-5'7), so I know there are plenty of chicks who go for them.


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