My ex girlfriend says she "isn't happy with me" but when we're together she seems very happy? What's going on?

We've been broken up for 3 weeks but been in nc for almost 2. She never gave off any kind of impression she wasn't happy. She told me she is not interested in anyone else. We had sex after the break up and went on a date. She is really confused. I want to give her time and space and then reach out to her. She seems really confused.


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  • Just because Two people Break up Doesn't mean they Can't and Don't Make up and that it's Good-bye, my love forever. And with an "EX" who still Marks an X in your own Softie Spot, there Might come a Day when along the Way, she comes Back To... She is really Confused.
    It appears with you both, that No one has Moved on here, dear. She may in the Beginning, have given Some Signs, but you May have "Overlooked" them with her Putting on a Happy Face in its Place to Make you Happy.
    Now that you are Apart, and still in each others' Heart, so it Looks Like, Continue to 'Give her time and space' and with no Pushing, she just might Cave and Realize that she is Missing the Kissing and the His and Her History you Both Shared.
    At the moment, she is Having her Cake and Eating it Two, by Being with You and at the same Time, being Free to Spread her Wings like this Free bird. Only Time and Mother Nature will really Know how it will End up, but One thing you don't Want, and maybe she has Thought this Through, and 'Confused' when you both Slept together after 'We had sex after the breakup,' is a Friends with benefits,' and it Doesn't suit her Well, I can Tell. She may not Know what to even Call you both Now Somehow.
    Perhaps it is Best from the Rest to let it 'Rest' for awhile with 'ns,' which is "No Sex." This way, you may even look like this Juicy apple way at the Top of the Tree that is Hardest to Get and to Grab.
    Good luck and Always keep Open Lines of Convo open. xx

    • When we went out to dinner she said she loved me and missed me a lot. She also said she was not interested in anybody else. A day or two later she text me saying everything she said at dinner was true she just is really confused and can't understand herself. She said I love you and will call you Sunday she never called me Sunday. Now she's being all cold and everything and that's why we're no contact

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    • And like if she is why can't she just text me or call?

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • You can be happy with the time you spend with someone but not be happy with the deeper aspects of a relationship.

    You might not be giving her everything she wants on a deeper emotional level, but on the surface level she enjoys your company, enjoys the sexual aspect of it, and enjoys basically having a partner. However, there could be key things missing that she hasn't communicated to you that can leave your relationship unfulfilling on a level that goes beyond what it is on the outside.

    • What approach do you think would be best to take? i really like her and believe she still wants this but just needs space

    • You need to be upfront with her and tell her that she has to let you in on what's going on if she wants things to work out.

    • Thanks i will definitely try

  • She just missed you. But I think she is confused what to feel, as she didn't feel happy during your relationship.

    • What do you think I should do?

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    • That**

    • Immediately when breaking up, you miss the person. But that is normal, and just the brain reacting to being alone again. After a few months you can think clearly again and think about what you really want and if you really want to be with the person. Most people move on after that period, but some decide they still want their ex.

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    Sounds like a headache you could have rid yourself of but instead your banging your head against the wall.

    • Have you ever dealt with or experienced anything like this before?

    • Nope I usually don't recycle gfs once we break up. Breaking up means that we are too broken up to fix it. I try to make things the least difficult and dramaless by deleting them from my life.

  • seems like there is just something that is lacking. it may not be your doing but just something she feels

    i think giving her space is good but if i were you i'd want her to best as she can explain what she feels is missing. this will help you know if there is anything that can be fixed or the two of you just need to move on

    • She just has a really hard time explaining stuff which makes it frustrating.

  • Want her back running at you? Just go out with a new girl or kiss a girl... she will be jealous... as f
    And she will ask you back!!!